Skin Quartz Partnership Offers

The Skin Quartz is has a special partnership deal with 3 Hardman Square across a range of our most popular services. To redeem any of the offers below, make an enquiry with us and mention the promo code 3hardman.

Additionally, The Skin Quartz will donate 5% of all services redeemed through this partnership to the 3 Hardman Square Sarcoma Just Giving fundraising appeal.

Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal Manchester

Laser Hair Removal is an absolute must for anyone wanting to say goodbye to shaving or waxing with permanent hair removal. Aside from laser being a pain-free process that permanently removes the hairs from the area of your body being treated, it doesn’t come with all the horrible side effects of waxing or shaving such as rashes, ingrown hairs, scars, cuts or irritation. Unlike waxing in between laser treatments you can continue to shave so you don’t have to let your hair grow out.

The Skin Quartz has invested in the most advanced Laser Hair Removal treatment, the Cynosure Elite+. The Elite+ is a true laser that provides better client results in less sessions than the cheap, less effective diode or IPL lasers found in most other laser hair removal clinics in Manchester.

The Skin Quartz is offering 3hardman customers a speal deal on a full body laser hair removal package:

Full Body

Covering legs, underarm and hollywood

6 Sessions normally – £999.

only £749 with the promocode 3hardman

Préime Hydrafacial

hydrafacial manchester

The Préime Hydrafacial is a high-tech treatment designed to restore vitality and radiance to your skin, to reduce wrinkles, smooth and tone the skin which gives you glowing and youthful skin.

The Skin Quartz have invested in the next generation of Hydrafacil treatment technology. The Préime Hydrafacial uses five powerful technologies combined with Préime DermCeutical skincare products to deliver stunning client results.

The Skin Quartz is offering 3hardman customers special pricing across the entire range of Préime Hydrafacial treatments.

Light & Hydrate Hydrafacial – Normally £179

only £119 with the promo code 3hardman

Lift & Firm Hydrafacial – Normally  £199

only £139 with the promo code 3hardman

Nourish, Lift & Hydrate Hydrafaicial – Normally £199

only £139 with the promo code 3hardman

Signature Hydrafacial – Normally £249

 only £189 with the promo code 3hardman

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting Manchester

Give yourself a summer body all year round with this pain free, noninvasive body sculpting treatment. You can lose up to 30% fat and build 25% muscle with a single body sculpting session. Our Ultra Tesla body sculpting uses clincally proven technology that’s used professional athletes. A single half an hour session is the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups. 

The Skin Quartz is one of the first clinics in the world to have the new generation Ultra Tesla body sculpting technology. It simultaneously uses radio frequency to burn fat and high-intensity focussed electromagnetic technology to strengthen and tone muscles. This procedure can be used on areas such as the glutes, abs, thighs, biceps, triceps and calves.

The Skin Quartz is offering 3hardman customers special pricing on Ultra Tesla Body Sculpting treatments:

Package of six Ultra Tesla body sculpting treatments, normally £999

Only £479 with the promo code 3hardman


RF Microneedling

microneedling manchester

If you are seeking the elusive “porcelain” skin appearance – flawless, radiant, and youthful – this advanced microneedling radiofrequency energy treatment is right for you. Our Sylfirm X treatment can treat fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne and acne scares, loose skin around the eys and eye bags, melasma, skin redness, rosacea, pigmentation and dull skin.


Sylfirm X is the world’s first and only dual wave Radio Frequency Microneedling System (300μm) to help our clients achieve their skin rejuvenation goals. Microneedling induces collagen and re-texturises skin whilst radio frequency tightens the skin, leaving you with beautifully glowing youthful skin.

The Skin Quartz is offering 3hardman customers special pricing on a single session or package deal of three Sylfirm X treatments.

Single Sylfirm treatment – normally £600

only £399 with the promo code 3hardman

Three Sylfirm treatment – normally £1,200

only £799 with the promo code 3hardman