Laser Hair Removal

The Elite+™ Aesthetic Workstation is a dual-wavelength system delivering reliable, cost-effective treatments for hair removal, vascular treatments, epidermal pigment, and wrinkle reduction.


Effective Treatment for All Skin Types

With Elite+, you have the flexibility to customize treatments to encompass all skin types. Variable spot sizes and pulse durations make Elite+ the natural choice to accommodate a range of specific skincare conditions.

  • Deliver exceptional results across all skin types
  • Easily switch between wavelengths for different treatments within a single session
  • Air-cooling throughout treatments enhance patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Longer pulse durations of up to 300ms precisely match the energy delivered in concert with thermal relaxation time


CynoSure Elite + FAQs

Laser hair removal works by passing a light beam through the unwanted hair area which is then absorbed by melanin (colour within the hair). This generates heat, which damages the blood supply feeding the hair and disabling the hair forming cells. If the hair follicle does not contain any pigment, the laser will not target it. In other words, if hair is grey, white, blonde or red, laser hair removal will be ineffective.

We use the CynoSure Elite + system which is considered the gold standard in laser technology. The laser uses cooling technology which works before, during and after each pulse to ensure high comfort for all laser hair removal treatments.

Yes, the CynoSure Elite + combines a high-power 755nm Alexandrite laser and CynoSure’s proven long-pulse 1064nm Nd-YAG laser for safe, effective high-volume hair removal on all skin types.

Most laser hair removal patients are advised to undergo at least 6 treatment sessions, spaced apart every 6-12 weeks to target follicles during the growing stage. With CynoSure Elite + technology, virtually every patient – no matter their skin or hair type – can achieve long lasting removal results for unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal has many benefits. Not only will you avoid having to deal with painful tweezing, waxing or cuts from shaving, but you can rest assured that once your laser hair removal treatments are complete, you will also save an incredible amount of time not having to worry about hair removal ever again.

Clients who suffer from ingrown hair or skin discolouration related to coarse hair, will also be happy to know that one of the most effective ways to target concerns is laser hair removal.

Yes, once your practitioner has deemed you the right candidate for laser hair removal you will be required by UK law to have a patch test. This is a few shots of the laser in the area to be treated. You will then need to wait 24-48 hours to have the full procedure

There is no downtime with this treatment.

Don’t wax or pluck the hair in the treatment area for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment. No sun exposure, fake tan or sunbeds for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Do not use retinols, AHAs or any active ingredients at least 3 days prior to your treatment.

Avoid sun exposure and if this is impossible wear a factor 50 sunblock. Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours following your treatment. Avoid hot baths, hot showers or hot tubs for 48 hours post treatment. Avoid use of retinols, AHAs or any active ingredients for 3 days post treatment. If any changes occur you’re not sure of please contact the clinic.

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Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

20 to 60 minutes depending on the treatment area

Results Seen In

Next few days

Duration Of Results

Maintenance treatments are required on hair growth and the area being treated

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Potential Side Effects

Swelling of the hair follicle, erythema (redness) and tenderness




Not required

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